Featuring our first guest article with the well-known Newport on Tay located Sally Sneddon @ Mojo Interior Design

It’s been a pretty rubbish summer in Scotland, right? I mean, would you even call that a summer?! Not to worry though, as an emigrated Australian I’ve made my peace with the weather Scotland serves up.

In the Autumn, we do get some pretty spectacular things to look at here. And I love it. With that in mind and the change of season fast upon us, it’s a great time to give your house the spruce up it deserves, as those leaves begin to fall from the trees.
Here’s 3 quick fixes you can make in your house to give it that cosy feel for the months ahead.

1. Earthy tones
Take inspiration from the nature around you! Think of rust coloured fallen leaves.
Colours such as burnt orange, copper, terracotta and rust can bring a sense of warmth and relaxation into any space. Incorporate natural materials like stone, woods and organic fabrics. Asides from looking gorgeous, they will add depth and warmth.

2. Layer up!
Add layers of texture: rugs over rugs, throws over throws!
Add wool, boucle and faux fur to make your home feel cosy! And don’t forget to layer up your lighting too, with a mix of floor and table lamps, candles, wall lights and pendant lights.
*Bonus tip – aim for light bulbs that are 2700k they give off that nice, warm glow!

3. Introduce greenery
Bring outdoors indoors! Whether that is with the use of bold botanical wallpapers or accessories. Green is a very down-to-earth colour and can represent growth and abundance.
And don’t forget the many health benefits of indoor plants!
“By incorporating these three Autumn-inspired home updates, you can create a warm and inviting space to enjoy as the seasons change.
Introduce these into your household and your pumpkin spiced latte will never taste better.
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Love Sally xx

Australian born Sally is the owner of award-winning Mojo Interior Design. She has over 20 years’ experience in the industry in addition to receiving an award from the British Institute of Interior Design.